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Digital Patriots, Rise Up!

So I’m sitting at home after being on the road for 9 days, drinking my Mount Gay rum and Cranberry juice when, thinking about some article I read on and some of the resulting comments that begged to be replied to, an epiphiny came to me. We have a lot of Digital Patriots in this country, including myself.

What do I mean by Digital Patriots you ask. I’ll give you the perfect description, by describing my self.

I’ve been on this bandwagon since 1996, and my conservative leanings have only gotten stronger. I’ve only given money to a Presidential candidate once, to GW in 2004. Matter of fact, that’s the only time I’ve ever given money to ANY candidate. I’ve gained a lot of different friends since 1996, it’s amazing the clarity of one’s thoughts after escaping the gravitational pull of Libtardia (kudos to Mr.Church for the apt description of that which is known as the Democratic Party.)

I believe and served in our military; believe strongly that with out US support, Israel would be wiped off the face of the map. I believe in the notion that no man owes another anything; I believe in free will, property rights, freedom to PEACEABLY assemble, freedom of the press, freedom of religion and freedom of speech. I believe that every citizen has the right to bear arms, a right to due process and trial by jury. In other words, I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America.

I don’t believe in the EPA, DoED, DOE, DHS, USAID, USDA, DoHHS, DoHUD, DOL, or any other federal agency that belongs to the province of the individual states of this republic. I don’t believe in reparations for those who “historically”(as in, past-tense) have been enslaved. If those who espouse reparations and those who stake a claim to same were truly after some sort of justice, they would be going after the countries in Africa who SOLD them into slavery. They would also immediately drop their blinding support of the Democrat Party if truly abhorred by the fact that one man could OWN another. Or are they so dense that they can’t see after 50 years or more of “The War on Poverty” that the black american lot has only WORSENED?

Every time they offer money through a federal program they are letting you know they own you, and if you want more to come back next election cycle. Isn’t that what slavery is; I’ll put a roof over your head (could be a cardboard roof but at least it’s something), feed you juuuusst enough so you don’t starve to death and in return you’ll work for us by voting Democrat so we can keep you just where you are (and no further). How does it feel to have to RELY on someone who doesn’t even know your name, your wife or childrens names and ages? The United States Government in 2011 is the largest PLANTATION in the history of the world. You think there were a lot of slaves building the Pyramids? Try 310 million people building the United States Government.

We are slaves to the government because there is not a damn thing you can do in our modern life without first thinking if it will offend someone; if I put up the nativity scene in my front yard will some whiny ass go to a government official and complain that they immediately make me take it down….and they do? Slavery is NOT about the inhumane repurcussions that follow if one decides to disobey, it’s about the fact that they CAN! Servitude, someone in debt to another.

The less we take from the government, the less they control us. I couldn’t believe what I heard from a young socialist during the Madison, WI union protests over Gov. Scott Walkers handling of the state budget. He was trying to explain his socialist philosophy by using as an example his current job at a Noodle Factory restaurant, where he is a cook apparently. He was trying to get a union in at the restaurant because he thought that then the workers would decide when they wanted to come in(I hate working during the lunch/dinner rush, you’re just….sooooo busy), how many hours to work, when to cook something and what to cook.

He wanted to have a say in his life, because it’s not fair for someone else to tell you what, when and where to DO something. Except that pesky part about a union that says you MUST pay us, the leadership so we can spend it however we like. You know, sort of like when the government takes by force money you educated and trained yourself to earn so they can spend it on malaria control in an area of the Amazon Jungle inhabited by a little known tribe who suffers from a 20% per decade death rate from malaria. Of course, 20% is quite a large casualty rate….except they have a population of 50 people. So, ten people died (I am truly sorry, but we all have to die and we normally don’t get to choose how) and we’re going to budget, ohhhh let’s say 10 million dollars.

That’s my money, OUR money, the peoples’ money. But we don’t get a say in how any of our money is spent, we just mindlessly fork it over every week. There are some who don’t have to fork over any of there money to the federal government because a group of individuals came up with a number that theoretically denotes poverty. Poverty based on what? Based on the bloated stomachs of starving babies in Sudan? No, because that would mean that not one person who truly wanted to work in this country would fall below the poverty line of about 1300 dollars a year (that is the Gross income per capita in Sudan, so the truly impoverished live off a lot less). That comes to about 28 dollars a week, hell I was getting that by donating plasma 25 years ago.

Our poverty line is a slap in the face to 3rd world countries, as they truly do have people that are starving, dying from a disease that is usually self inflicted(AIDS) by lack of control or dying by the slaughter of their own government. What do those living below the United States level of poverty have. To start, if a family had 3 members and NO income (how hard is it to have zero income?) they would be eligible for 536 dollars in food stamps alone PER MONTH!!! So in 3 months they would receive over,for just food, the total amount the average person in Sudan lives on for a whole year. How about cell phone service and a new phone every 2 years, cable or satellite tv, I hear Dear President wants to give internet access to those below the poverty line too. A lot of them have tricked out rides with a bangin’ JL Audio 12″ in the back and rims worth more than my car, and the complete Eminem discography.

Oh, and they usually have a criminal background, have not finished high school but have no problem figuring out how to get that next bag of weed, some crack or a nickel of meth. I think I might do better by NOT working, because I truly can’t afford all that what with having to buy school clothes for 2 constantly growing children, buy and cook healthy meals; pay health and life insurance, dental insurance, property taxes to support the local thugs at the education center, pay for my 401k so I have something to live on when I retire, replace the house cooling/heat pump, replace the roof that’s been patched 3 times this past year, have my oldest daughters car engine rebuilt so she has a way to get back and forth to work….jeesh, life is tough.

I should just quit tomorrow and let my daughter support me, my wife support me, my brother support me, my mother support me, the nice Indian family that owns the local Chevron station support me, 19 year old Tara who lives behind me and bags my groceries at the local publix supermarket support me, the family of the local boy who died in Iraq serving as a United States Marine support me, the guy that picks up my trash weekly support me, every teacher at my children’s school support me, every automobile worker support me, every federal and state government worker support me…….everyone that works can support ME, how’s that.

No, I’ve got my pride and I don’t like anyone telling me what to do outside the scope of the person who pay’s me a wage in return for labor, as I entered a contract with her when I accepted the job OFFER. She can tell me what to do while I’m on the clock, but outside of that 12 hours a day she can’t determine where I can get my food from, or how much I can spend on food, or how much income I can make outside of working for her, or determining where I live or where I can send my children to school. By living off of others(the taxpayers) one is constantly “on the clock”, because no matter when it happens 24/7, if you don’t follow their rules they will take away some of what they’re giving you. Servitude.

So, my conservative nay Tea Party credentials are there yes? I see a lot of the same thoughts expressed by others in the forums and sites I read. Some people relate their experiences attending rallies/protests, but not very many when considering how many people like me think they have something to say and post on these sites. But that’s it, we only post. We espouse what we TRULY believe, yet when we see that nothing is changing, we just continue to write or talk about it but take no action. By taking no action, we’ve condemned ourselves to being nothing more than a bunch of bitchy/whiney people. We pass emails around, but that’s just forwarding on someone elses’ bitching and saying yeah, I wanna bitch against that too. We/I have done nothing but stand around bitching about things while actually watching history change course before our very eyes.

We need to be out meeting with our representatives, emailing constantly those government representatives who live too far away from our district and let them know how we feel and that WE ARE WATCHING!! You have a 2,4 or 6 year tryout in Washington D.C. and a 2 or 4 year tryout in the individual states of the republic. We put you in, we can sure as hell take you out!!


Those of you (and you know who you are) Digital Patriots like myself need to get up off our asses and make something happen, because the current sitiuation ain’t looking too good, and it’s gonna get a lot worse unless we change course.


Can you see it yet?

Can you see it yet?

Have you looked at what’s happening in the world and found yourself amazed at what is now going on simultaneously around the globe, and then realizing it’s NOT coincidence?

First, a congressional bill required banks to lend untold amounts of money to people they knew could not pay back their mortgages, second mortgages etc. All of this money backed fully by the american taxpayer through Fannie May and Freddy Mac. The economy boomed on the back of the building craze, creating a housing bubble that when busted would begin the explosion of world revolution. And quite by design I might add.

The socialist freaks amongst us have tried to take advantage of a financial disaster of their making, shoving government run health care down our throats and running up trillions of dollars of unpayable debt. But they didn’t plan on what they’re seeing now from United States citizens fed up with an out of control federal government trying to take back the party that used to understand that the best government is the smallest government. The Tea Party is trying to steer the Republican party back to their fiscal roots, and purge the “democrat light” republicans from the party.

The Tea Party uprising, kinetic as it is, has not yet stopped the Democrat National Socialist party from trying to advance their cause with rulings decreed by federal agencies such as the FDA, FTC, department of interior restricting oil drilling in our own country,and the DHS possibly getting a senate bill passed giving them an Internet “Kill Switch” (more on the kill switch later). It seems everything done by this government we have in power now has hindered not helped the economy. My belief is that it is no accident that the country is being run to the ground and the socialist (one-worlders) are the engineers on this train wreck.

Those now in power in the US are slowly reducing us to debtor nation (otherwise known as a 3rd world country) status knowing this is going to create an environment seething with anger as they pit one group of people against another. The time is not right at this moment, so we’ve seen nothing yet in terms of policy induced incredulation by the middle class. I think we can say when all the middle eastern countries have had their governments changed over by the threat of public unrest/civil war then we will see the final two acts of this kabuki dance.

It will all begin to take shape when the US pulls out it’s troops from Iraq and Afghanistan (or is forced to withdraw due to governments demanding it or public outcry against our presence). When that is completed and we have no ground troops in the area, watch for a sudden and (then) inexplicable change in our Naval Fleet that patrols the Gulf and guarantees the safe passage of tankers carrying our precious economic elixir, oil. With no US military support in the region, what country would be most vulnerable to attack
from outside it’s borders? Yes, Israel. Surrounded by armed militants (courtesy of the US taxpayers) led by a crazed man in Iran, Israel will be completely surrounded by unfriendly and outwardly hostile “democratic governments”.

At around the same time in the United States there will be a deadly incident involving race that will spark rioting and a mini civil war which will allow the current administration to decree the Tea Party a terrorist organization (as planted evidence will paint the culprit of the crime as a Tea Party advocate and Sarah Palin supporter. The country as a whole will be consumed by what’s happening in our own country and won’t (by design) have the resources or personnel to prevent an all-out assault on Israel by all her neighbors who happen to be armed by us the taxpayers of the US. Israel will fall, and the US will fall further into a second revolution pitting the last vestiges of patriotism against the uneducated “gimme what I deserve” generations.

Who will come to help those of us trying to preserve our unique and precious way of life then? Anyone?

Can you see it yet?

Put the pieces together, they fit and all the pieces are there. Coincidence? I think not.

United Nations poised to allow human “thug” cull in new Carbon Credit scheme

Killing a human to earn a carbon credit may seem a curious way to tackle climate change, but the United Nations Human Rights Council  is poised to allow investors to do precisely that.

The human culling plan is one of the first to arise under the United Nations new “carbon farming initiative”, a scheme that lets individuals or countries claim carbon credits if they can show they have cut greenhouse gas emissions.

Such emissions are plentiful in Chicago’s south side thanks to the region’s large population of feral thugs, a legacy of the herds introduced in the 19th century to help settle the continent’s interior.

More than 1 million thugs are now believed to be roaming across the Windy City’s urban sprawl – one of the biggest thug populations in the world – and each emits methane, a greenhouse gas significantly more potent than carbon dioxide.

“It’s one of those ‘out of sight, out of mind’ problems,” said Tim Moore, managing director of Midwest Carbon, an Texas-based carbon project developer whose culling plan is one of only three proposals to have been accepted for official assessment by the carbon farming initiative so far.

Apart from their methane emissions, thugs are also menacing urban populations, he said.

“If everyone knew what they were doing, people would be more concerned,” said Dr Moore, “especially when they start coming into town and ransacking your store.”

This is a reference to the hordes of thugs who descended on North Michigan Avenue retailers in search of free merchandise earlier this month.

Dr Moore’s company plans to earn carbon credits – tradable certificates that companies or individuals can use to cancel or “offset” their own emissions – by organising the controlled culling of thugs.

In a written proposal that the UN council has just released for public comment, Midwest says it will shoot the thugs from helicopters or four-wheel drives and process them for pet food or mulch/manure in the field.

All “removals” will be humane, the company says, with shooting done by “thug welfare trained and accredited marksmen”.

Dr Moore said one thug emitted about one ton of carbon dioxide equivalent a year, measured as 45kg of methane, plus they consume about one ton of processed fried chicken a year.

He says each thugs death will result in an “emissions avoidance benefit” of about 15 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Legislation for the carbon farming initiative, believed to be the first world government program of its kind (as opposed to some state schemes), is still going through United Nations councils but it hopes to have it passed by 1 July, its intended start date. UN Council on Human Rights approval will be required for proposals such as Midwest’s.

The value of any carbon credits earned under the scheme is likely to rise if it is linked to a contentious carbon pricing plan the UN is still negotiating.