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Can you see it yet?

September 24, 2011

Can you see it yet?

Have you looked at what’s happening in the world and found yourself amazed at what is now going on simultaneously around the globe, and then realizing it’s NOT coincidence?

First, a congressional bill required banks to lend untold amounts of money to people they knew could not pay back their mortgages, second mortgages etc. All of this money backed fully by the american taxpayer through Fannie May and Freddy Mac. The economy boomed on the back of the building craze, creating a housing bubble that when busted would begin the explosion of world revolution. And quite by design I might add.

The socialist freaks amongst us have tried to take advantage of a financial disaster of their making, shoving government run health care down our throats and running up trillions of dollars of unpayable debt. But they didn’t plan on what they’re seeing now from United States citizens fed up with an out of control federal government trying to take back the party that used to understand that the best government is the smallest government. The Tea Party is trying to steer the Republican party back to their fiscal roots, and purge the “democrat light” republicans from the party.

The Tea Party uprising, kinetic as it is, has not yet stopped the Democrat National Socialist party from trying to advance their cause with rulings decreed by federal agencies such as the FDA, FTC, department of interior restricting oil drilling in our own country,and the DHS possibly getting a senate bill passed giving them an Internet “Kill Switch” (more on the kill switch later). It seems everything done by this government we have in power now has hindered not helped the economy. My belief is that it is no accident that the country is being run to the ground and the socialist (one-worlders) are the engineers on this train wreck.

Those now in power in the US are slowly reducing us to debtor nation (otherwise known as a 3rd world country) status knowing this is going to create an environment seething with anger as they pit one group of people against another. The time is not right at this moment, so we’ve seen nothing yet in terms of policy induced incredulation by the middle class. I think we can say when all the middle eastern countries have had their governments changed over by the threat of public unrest/civil war then we will see the final two acts of this kabuki dance.

It will all begin to take shape when the US pulls out it’s troops from Iraq and Afghanistan (or is forced to withdraw due to governments demanding it or public outcry against our presence). When that is completed and we have no ground troops in the area, watch for a sudden and (then) inexplicable change in our Naval Fleet that patrols the Gulf and guarantees the safe passage of tankers carrying our precious economic elixir, oil. With no US military support in the region, what country would be most vulnerable to attack
from outside it’s borders? Yes, Israel. Surrounded by armed militants (courtesy of the US taxpayers) led by a crazed man in Iran, Israel will be completely surrounded by unfriendly and outwardly hostile “democratic governments”.

At around the same time in the United States there will be a deadly incident involving race that will spark rioting and a mini civil war which will allow the current administration to decree the Tea Party a terrorist organization (as planted evidence will paint the culprit of the crime as a Tea Party advocate and Sarah Palin supporter. The country as a whole will be consumed by what’s happening in our own country and won’t (by design) have the resources or personnel to prevent an all-out assault on Israel by all her neighbors who happen to be armed by us the taxpayers of the US. Israel will fall, and the US will fall further into a second revolution pitting the last vestiges of patriotism against the uneducated “gimme what I deserve” generations.

Who will come to help those of us trying to preserve our unique and precious way of life then? Anyone?

Can you see it yet?

Put the pieces together, they fit and all the pieces are there. Coincidence? I think not.


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